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Stranger, please. Leave the chef to his art, oui?
Henry to the last Dragon Knight

Henry is one of the marooned survivors that can be found in the encampment built around the shipwrecked Starbound on Sentinel Island in 1300 AD.


Henry and his wife Eleanore lived in a townhouse in the Crow's Nest district of Aleroth, where they had a son named Ricky. they owned and ran the Phoenix Inn located in the Great Market before their disappearance. Henry also served as the chef for the Phoenix Inn.

Sometime in 1300 AD, Henry and Eleanore were aboard Captain Hermosa's ship, the Starbound when it was magically transported to Sentinel Island in order to provide the last Dragon Knight with a capable Skill Trainer.

The crew of the Starbound established a camp surrounding the ship's wreck, where Henry appeared to serve as the camp's chef, cooking fish caught from the ocean. Henry's ego and confidence in his cooking got him into constant arguments with his wife. Both Henry and Eleanore expressed concern over the state of their Inn, speculating that their son had taken over during their absence.

What becomes of Henry and the rest of the Starbound's crew after Sentinel Island is shrouded in Deathfog is unknown, though it is unlikely he survived. This is corroborated by Eleanore's ghost being able to be enslaved by Astridax, should her necklace be given to him.

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