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For the Divinity II character, see Henry.
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Henry is a general in Divinity: Dragon Commander. He is on the Raven from the start along with Edmund.


Before the civil war between the Emperor's royal bastards, Henry was part of Emperor Sigurd's defensive force. They were overwhelmed and most of Henry's fellow soldiers ran from the fight, leaving Henry to fight as long as he could, losing an eye and an arm in the process.

Henry blames Emperor Sigurd for creating the conditions that led to his death and the war between his bastards. As such, he doesn't think much of the Dragon Commander at first, only calling him 'bastard' until he proves himself.

Henry's abandonment by his fellow soldiers made him wary of trusting anyone but himself. The Commander can either reinforce this philosophy or encourage him to open up to his fellow generals. Some time into the game, his daughter will be threatened by assassins and he leaves to defend her. Catherine and Scarlett can volunteer to assist him and if they do so, they successfully repel the assassins, although with some collateral damage for which Henry is punished by the Council.

Henry doesn't like Edmund but admits that he's incredibly intelligent. He thinks Catherine is uptight but competent, and can improve his relationship with her if he starts to trust others. He is briefly romantically involved with Scarlett, but this is just an act on Scarlett's part which ends when she comes out as gay, after which he supports her as a friend.

Interactions with Player Character[]

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