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I have stumbled upon a healer in Lanilor Lane. He ran out of potions, and his.... cave... was overrun by undead. It is located near the city gate. I should find five potions there.

–quest description

Herbal Medicine is a quest given by Heleon outdoors on Lanilor Lane in Aleroth during the events of Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance.

Walkthrough Edit

See: Gula's Archaeological Dig map

Go to Gula's Archaeological Dig in Mardaneus Plaza, located near the Aleroth main gates, behind the waypoint shrine south of the Circle of Trust Inn. Once inside, take the first Heleon Potion located on a ledge near the ladder. Continue along the passage, defeating the level 36 undead creatures and smashing all of the crates and urns along the way (you'll find a concealed Troll Door Key by doing this).

Optional: Take the fork to the south and use the key to open the door. This allows you to open a chest containing random loot. Smash the urns here to find another Troll Door Key.

At the fork you'll find the second potion on a ledge. Unlock the northern door with the key, and continue following the passage west. You'll find the third potion on a ledge in the corridor, before entering Heleon's room. The last two Heleon Potions are in his room (one in the northwest corner, and another on the desk near the door).

Optional: You'll also find a couple of chests in this room (one requires level 7 lockpicking skill to unlock) and a book, Heleon's Log.

You now have three (mutually exclusive) choices:

  1. Return to Heleon with the potions to complete this quest and receive the rewards (below).
  2. If you've mindread Heleon, you can reveal his deceit by giving the potions to Bernard at the Healers' House in the Great Market district for the quest A Fraud a Day.... This fails Herbal Medicine, but you get a more substantial reward: 6211 exp, 1300 gold, 1 Skill Book, and two choices. Morality aside, unless you've maxed out your mindread skill for a 100% reduction in exp debt, the merits of doing this are debatable considering that it costs 15000 exp to mindread Heleon.
  3. Drink the potions, which are equal in potency to an Ultimate Potion of Rejuvenation. This prevents you from completing either quest, since all five potions are required.

Rewards Edit