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What? Who are… How did you… Er, back off now, I’m warning you! I know magic! DE GUSTIBUS ET COLORIBUS!

The hermit is a mad man living in a cave on Sentinel Island beach in 1300 AD.


The hermit claims to have served under Maxos, who gave him a long life; however, he believes his master has forgotten him. He was thrown out of the Battle Tower by Laiken because he bit at his ankles.

Interactions with the player character[]


Merchant Inventory


*He has a wealth of about 4800 gold.

Mind reading[]

Beneath the doggy with the arrow by the sea! Hehe, he ate it, silly doggy! Hehehe!
Lowers prices
Uflmar's axe can be retrieved from the dragon ballista statue.

Related quests[]

  • From Soup to Nuts - The hermit wants the Dragon Knight to retrieve a wyvern egg for his soup.

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