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Radcliff’s rum does have a bit of a kick, but this was different. We were sailing the Western Sea when all of a sudden a beam of light shone down on us. Next thing I knew we were here, stranded on this strange and hostile island.

Hermosa is one of the two Skill Trainers on Sentinel Island. Her specialty is physical training.


Hermosa is daughter the weaponsmith who forged Myrthos, the sword of power and sister to the Black Ring General Kali. She has a "partner" based at Champion Harbour, Morgan, who she chooses to let go following her appointment as the Dragon Knight's skill trainer.

Interactions with the player character[]


*The Knight can upgrade their skills if she had been chosen


No one can teach combat skills like me, but how can I say that without sounding desperate?
While on Sentinel Island.
You have gained new insights
Can only be done in the Battle Tower and will grant a Skill Point

Related Quests[]

  • The Prophecy - If Kenneth has been told about Hermosa he will rush to the camp to duel with her, unaware of the fact she is a woman. Upon becoming aware of this fact he will try to decline the duel. If Kenneth's plea to get out of the duel was ignored by the Dragon Knight, a duel will take place which Hermosa always wins.
  • Sparring Partner
  • Man Overboard at the encampment on Sentinel Island
  • Dear John for the first skill trainer arena upgrade (allows skill training up to level 13)
  • Murder for Myrthos for the second upgrade (allows skill training up to level 15)

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