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The Hero is the player-character in Beyond Divinity.


He was hunting a necromancer together with some other paladins, but they were surprised when the Necromancer summoned the demon overlord Samuel to his aid. Samuel slaughtered them all except for one who he captured and dragged into the realm of Nemesis. Here he forged the soul of the paladin to the soul of a Death Knight.

The paladin and the death knight escape Samuel's citadel together and find refuge inside an imp village. But then they are summoned by the necromancer who the paladin was hunting in the first place. The necromancer wants them to find an crystal fragment inside a Paladin Abbey. Inside the abbey all the paladins have gone insane, but they all regain their sanity when the Hero has removed the crystal.

The paladin finds another crystal inside the imp village, which has been driving the Imp Shaman mad. When Samuel wipes out the entire imp Village, the Hero receives an invention from the demon overlord Asmodheus, a summoning doll of Elder Anlokam. Then Asmodheus says that the paladin is starting to bore him. and sends the paladin away.

Later they are summoned again by the necromancer, the necromancer reassembles the crystal. The paladin and the death knight slay the necromancer and take the crystal. Afterwards they journey to an academy of the Raanaar. here they encounter Samuel one last time and with the power of the crystal they are able to slay him.

The Paladin and the death knight escape to Rivellon, where the death knight reveals he is actually Damian and attacks the paladin. After the paladin and Damian fight, Damian deems the paladin worthy to live.

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