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High Hall Mines is a location in the Orobas Fjords.


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The two entrances are located in northern High Hall. The mine is occupied by trolls, baby trolls, a runekeeper troll, and a mage named Mundus. He is the target of The Runes of Wrath quest. In order to reach him, the Troll Runekeeper in the eastern part of the cave must be defeated to obtain magical runes. The runes must be taken southwest, past the mine guard corpse and down a curving incline, then used on the portal shrine to lift the nearby the magical barrier. Continue down the passage and use the elevator to enter his chambers.


  • The mine contains several droxlerite and venom stone ore veins, including two that are difficult to see behind the elevator in Mundus' chamber.
  • There is a skill book on a table in Mundus' chamber.
  • A locked chest is located in the middle of the mine where all four paths meet, on a wooden platform by the pool of lava. It contains the Aleroth Archmage Earrings and additional loot. The key can be found in a cage above the pool of lava. Getting it without perishing can be extremely difficult. Carefully jump onto the pillar and you can reach it from there.
  • A dragon skill book can be found on the wooden platform near the chest.
  • Two unique books (of little value) are the mine guard's Disgruntled Missive (found near his corpse), and Mundus' Journal (found on the table in his chambers).