Quincy was on patrol with Peavey when they were ambushed by goblins. The quest starts while you are exploring between Broken Valley Village and Jackson's Farm a cut scene begins and starts a dialog with Quincy. If you mind read Quincy for 400 xp while he is stuck in the tower, you will earn 1 stat point. During your conversation with Quincy he explains he lost his grappling hook as he was scrambling up the tower to escape the goblins and asks you to retrieve it for him.

Several goblins will spawn, including a level 3 Shaman. Kill off the goblins in your preferred way and pick up the loot. As soon as you have the grappling hook in your possession your conversation with Quincy will continue. He will tell you where to find Peavey, he is going to get Capt. Rodney

Complete the quest by going to the roof of the Broken Valley Village Barracks and confronting Peavey. Capt. Rodney will appear at the end of your dialog and take Peavey to jail.