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History of the Damned One, Part I is the first volume of a six-book series in Divinity II: Ego Draconis.


"The milk of human kindness stayed your hand. It was but an infant, after all, that lay upon the bloody altar, oblivious of the hesitant dagger ready to be plunged into its chest. Yet, it was compassion that stayed your hand. But if you had known, old friend, known what was to come: would you not have brought down the blade until it hit the stone, cold and hard as your heart should have been?"

So spoke Zandalor when the Divine was buried. And indeed that is where the history of accursed Damian began. The Black Ring infused a tiny human shell with the essence of the Damned One so that this devil would once more walk the earth and conquer all before him. The fiend who orchestrated this sinister scheme, known only as the Demon of Lies, was vanquished by the Divine soon after completing the ritual. The Black Ring could have been brought to a full stop then and there, but it was not to be: the Divine aspect of our great hero could bring down an ancient evil, but the human part could not bring itself to kill a newborn child.