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History of the Damned One, Part II is the second volume of a six-book series in Divinity II: Ego Draconis.


Lucian, the Divine, raised the possessed child like a son and named him Damian. Never revealing to him his true background or identity, and raising him in the best of paladin traditions, the Divine was confident the truth would never out, even though Zandalor, who always had misgivings about the situation, never shared this belief. Still, apart from a more-than-natural gift for the casting of spells, there was no sign whatsoever that Damian was anything but a normal human being, or that the Demon in him would ever awake. but all of that changed when he was fourteen years of age and he met Ygerna.

We now know Ygerna was a Black Ring operative all along, sent by her father Kalin to approach and befriend Damian in order to gradually inform him about his heritage and to teach him those forbidden things the Divine had kept from him. Over time, this she did and more: soon they were very much in love with each other.