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History of the Damned One, Part III is a book the player can find while exploring. It is the third volume of a six-book series.


Between his fourtheenth and fiftheenth year, Damian spent much time with Ygerna. She taught him spells, incantations and secrets that would have shocked his foster-father had him known. Lucian never suspected, however, the kind and beautiful girl who seemed so enamoured with his son would turn out to be a member of the very cult he spent his life trying to eradicate. On the contrary, he liked her and considered her to be a good influence on Damian as he approached manhood.

Only when Kalin was tracked down by the Divine's paladins and evidence linked him to his daughter, did Lucian finally realise what horrible ploys were played upon him and Damian. Soon Ygerna was arrested summarily executed. But at the very moment the steel cut her flesh Damian entered the scene and, though horrified by the spectacle, retained the presence of mind to cast Soul Forge upon Ygerna as the last shimmers of fleeting life escaped from her body.