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History of the Damned One, Part IV is a book is the fourth volume of a six-book series in Divinity II: Ego Draconis.



The Damned One walked again. Ygerna had told Damian what he was and how powerful he might become, but the black mist had yet to pervade his soul and cloud his humanity. No more. When he saw his own father kill the woman he loved it was all over: bitter hatred got hold of heart and mind alike and, basking in the unimaginable powers newly released within him, he knew he was ready for carnage and revenge. From all over Rivellon, armies of the Black Ring and her allies quickly flocked to their awakened master.

The Paladins of the Divine Order and Damian's armies clashed - steel upon steel. In multitudes they died, but Damian looked only for Lucian. What he did not know was that the Divine was ready for him: he lured his son into a rift temple where Damian, blinded by hate, walked into the trap. The Divine hurled Damian and himself into a rift and on the other side bound the awakened Demon to the dimension so as to ensure he could never return unless Lucian himself or a member of his Divine Order would order it. The Damned One was trapped in Nemesis, but for a second time the Divine could not kill that which should have been killed.