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History of the Damned One, Part V is a book is the fifth volume of a six-book series in Divinity II: Ego Draconis.



In Nemesis, Damian was soon welcomed by the Raanaar, a race of peaceful and highly intelligent creatures that saw in him nothing but a confused fifteen-year-old who had mysteriously stranded in their dimension. They took him in and taught him the art of rift running in their Academy devoted to this elusive power. Over time, Damian became very adept at opening rifts but, to his great frustration, returning to Rivellon always proved to be impossible. As always, though, he had a plan.

First he had an imp steal a crystal in the temple of Raan, the might of which formed the only barrier between Nemesis and a realm of Demons hell-bent on destroying the world of the Raanaar. The fiends came in large hordes and lay waste to the civilisation that out of kindness of heart had adopted the Damned One. The first phase of his plan was complete.