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A History of the Damned One, Part VI is a book the player can find while exploring. It is the final volume of a six-book series. A copy can be found in Kali's chambers at Kali's Flying Fortress Headquarters south of the Orobas Fjords.


Now that Nemesis was a barren land littered with ruins and Demonic encampments only, Damian waited patiently for one of his Black Ring followers to unwittingly set in motion his escape. The wait was long, but finally a necromancer on Rivellon summoned a Demon from Nemesis when he was being beleaguered by the Divine Order. The Demon slew all of the paladins and took with him the prize Damian desired: a prisoner.

In disguise, the Damned One freed the nameless paladin and convinced this unfortunate servant of good he'd help with the escape and devise a way to get back home. Together they travelled and combated the inhabitants of Nemesis, those loyal to a Damian incognito. At long last they reached the Raanaar citadel, where the paladin learned how to open rifts. And so, because of a servant of the Divine wanted it, the Damned One could once more enter Rivellon...

First edition. Printed by Ye Olde Presse, Verdistis.