History of the Dragon Knights, Part II is a book the player can find while exploring. It is the second volume of a three-book series.

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Ancient wisdom tells us Dragons are the oldest race on Rivellon and that they flourished aeons before the advent of man. Their number must have been great — far greater than we can imagine now that Dragons are almost a myth. For reasons unknown do us, the Dragons started to waine a few millennia ago and with it their longstanding dominion. We assume that in response to their decline they created the Dragon Knights. as far as we can tell, the Dragon Knights became the eyes and ears of the Dragons as they became more reclusive and less prone to intervene in matters themselves. The Dragons looked for certain features, with which we are unfamiliar, in the newborns of various races. when a child was deemed suitable, it was snatched away in the night and raised by a Dragon. Over the years the Dragon would bestow gradually more of its powers on the young Knight until it would eventually become half Dragon, i.e., could morph into Dragon form at will.

 — History of the Dragon Knights, Part II Divinity II: Ego Draconis

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