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History of the Dragon Knights, Part III is a book in Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga.


  • The Knight can find while exploring. It is the final volume of a three-book series.


Needless to say, the power to take the Dragon form - combined with knowledge unfathomable for mere humans - resulted in the reign of mighty Dragon Knights, most of whom were highly civilised and just, but sometimes equally civilised and tyrannical. For centuries and more, mankind lived for the greater part in harmony with these Draconic agents. Though always, it should be added, in awe of them and consequently at some distance from them, literally and figuratively. This cautious, but generally peaceful, relationship came to its abrupt ending with the Great Betrayal, the founding of the Order of the Dragon Slayers and the annihilation of the last Dragons and Dragon Knights. The historians among men, however, hope the Slayers will not in their rage destroy all that belonged to the realm of Dragons, for the disappearing into oblivion of all Draconic knowledge would be an unspeakable tragedy indeed.

This I hereby implore.

Jodocus Lipsius, court historian.

Revised and extended edition. Printed by Ye Olde Presse, Verdistis.