Horace (D2 FoV character)


Horace is a gem and ore merchant in the Great Market district of Aleroth whose stall is located outside the Phoenix Inn during the events of Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance.

Horace has three Malachite Gems available for 2000 gold each. Like his colleague Ivy, Horace expects that Damian's actions will soon cause a shortage of wares for him to sell (such as the Red Ore he used to acquire from the Broken Valley Mine) jeopardizing his livelihood.


Horace can be mindread for 15000 exp to lower his prices by 25%, revealing: "I'm sure I could make even greater sales if I amend the costs of my goods a bit!"


Location of Horace ("K" on map - click image to enlarge):

Horace's shop (D2 FoV location)

Horace's stall at the market

Great Market map (D2 FoV location)