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House of Secrets is a location in the Crow's Nest district of Aleroth. The house is situated east of the Forgotten Crypt and north of Decimus' House, south of the district's waypoint shrine.


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The House of Secrets is free of both people and enemies. In the front area of the house a handful of containers that may contain loot can found, alongside some food on the dining room table. At the rear of the building is a small maze with 16 locked rooms, arranged in a 4×4 formation. Before beginning to navigate the maze, interacting with the pedestal results in this conversation:

You venture in a maze of hidden treasure, so take your time and explore at leisure. Tread wisely the paths of this little maze, and for long its riches you will praise.


Most of the doors in the maze are "Troublesome Doors" that require a "Troublesome Key" to unlock. These are found in chests, either alone or in pairs. The four westernmost rooms are colour-coded, and require the matching coloured key to unlock the door (blue, green, purple, or yellow). There is one key of each colour in the maze. Within each of the westernmost rooms is an unlocked treasure chest containing gold or a unique-quality item.

From the entrance go north or south until The Dragon Knight is east of the coloured room they would like to end at. Proceed in a straight line, going directly west. There will not be any extra Troublesome Keys to cause deviation from the route. Each one of the small rooms is different and it may be worthwhile to reload and explore the maze a little bit to see them all if interested.

The north-south doors between the chest rooms are lockpickable. With a lockpick skill of 5 or lower, only one treasure may be obtained. With lockpick skill 6 or higher, all four treasure chests can be obtained by unlocking the doors between the treasure chests. (In Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga the door between Green and Blue requires level 7). The lockpick skill can be upgraded with Caroline at the Ministry, or by mindreading Mysus at the Black Market.


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