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Well met, stranger! Hugh Dellabaere, at your service! I used to be a fine tailor before I moved to the farmlands. How can I help you?

Hugh Dellabaere is a farmer in the Farmlands in 1218 AD.


Formerly a famous tailor in Verdistis, who left following the jealousy of a female client who became jealous of his other clients. Following her threats to call the Assassin's Guild on Hugh if he did not tailor exclusively for her, he made the decision to move the Farmlands in secrecy with his wife Elli.

When not tending to the farm, he prefers to wear more exotic clothes, especially knee-length robes of the high-elf. He is particularly passionate about a white tunic under a robe of indigo silk worn under a red sunset.

Interactions with player[]

Tells about crop poisoning and speaks of tailoring.

Related quests[]