Humans Edit


"Adaptable, expansionist and superstitious, humans are the dominant race of Rivellon. Civil wars have ravaged their lands, but not their authority." - Early Release

"Adventurous, confident, flexible, at times even clever, humans are dominant in Rivellon. They always play the hero in their own endless wars ... even when they´re the villains." - Divinity Original Sin II Definitive edition

Racial Talents Edit

1.      Early release:

Ingenious: +2 to Wits and +3 Critical Chance

Human Resolve:  +1 to Leadership

2.      Classic version:

Thrifty: +2 Initiative and 5% extra Critical Chance

Ingenious: +1 to Bartering

3.      Definitive Edition:

Thrifty: +1 to Bartering

Ingenious: +5% extra Critical Chance and 10% extra Critical Multiplier

The Human racial ability is Encourage.

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