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Painting depicting human hero from Divine Ascension

Humans are Rivellon’s most populous race and, since the advent of the Divine Order, its most powerful, too. Versatile, resourceful, and opportunistic, humanity has spread across Rivellon, filling every niche we find. Although we are the largest race in the world, the Magisters’ recent attitude toward the containment of Source has also left us the most bitterly divided.

Humans are one of the seven races that inhabit Rivellon.


In comparison to other races, humans are more or less average species. They are not the tallest, strongest, nor do they have the most generous life span. Unlike other races, however, humans are blessed with ingenuity, adaptability and cunning which, they use in order to survive. These qualities have catapulted them into a position of "undisputed pre-eminence" in many of Rivellon´s notable regions.[1]



The god Rhalic

The human family is much like a hardy wildflower – it can take root and prosper in the unlikeliest of places. But turn your back for nary a moment and you may find it has taken over.
Modern Chronicles of Reapers´s Coast by Cranley Huwbert

Humans tend to live in tight-knit clans with a strong inclination towards community values. Many humans live in the same area for their whole life but it is not uncommon for some to venture away from home in search of work when the need arises. For example, a mother or father will leave the home for a number of months to perform seasonal work in order to support their family. In other cases it is the overpopulation that forces younger generations to seek a new home. Due to human's flexible nature and preference of adaptation over tradition they were able to expand their culture in various regions without facing any sort of major resistance.[2]


Despite being the youngest of the seven races, human governments have varied widely across history. From the vast empires during the Dragon War to the monarchies of the Era of Source, to the modern-day rule of the Divine Order. Unlike orcs or lizards, humans have developed a propensity towards cultural dominance rather than physical colonialism. Thanks to humans' flexible culture many of their customs such as their standard of dress, religion, and entertainment were quick to take root.

Human will is so strong that it was possible for a leader to rise amongst them and meet with support of other races across Rivellon. Lucian the Divine is a perfect example of how much influence can human leaders achieve on Rivellon.[1]

Era of the Divine Order[]

Since Lucian ascended to divinity, humans were under the rule of his Divine Order. Shortly after its creation the order was mainly made to battle the Black Ring and Voidwoken and to maintain alliances with other races. While the Lucian's order ruled human lands the nobles who were originally in charge of their lands joined his order and continued to oversee their lands.


Religious painting of Lucian the Divine depicting his victory over the Demon of Lies

Ever since their creation, humans worshipped their creator the god Rhalic whilst also revering the other Seven Gods. Along with the Seven Gods, humans tend to turn to Astarte or in the case of the Black Ring, the Lord of Chaos are known deities which are worshipped by some human groups along with other races.

Since the advent of Divine Order, most humans started to worship Lucian as their god, alongside Rhalic. After the Source Drought in 1242 AD humans mainly worshipped Lucian.

Appearance in games[]

Divinity: Dragon Commander[]

In this game the player assumes the role of a son of human Emperor Sigurd and Ancient dragon Aurora.

Divinity: Original Sin[]

In Divinity Original Sin the player takes control of two human heroes.

Divine Divinity[]

In Divine Divinity player can choose one of six human characters.

  • Canon hero of this game is Lucian (male warrior preset)

Beyond Divinity[]

In Beyond Divinity the player controls human paladin member of Divine Order and a Death Knight.

Divinity: Original Sin 2[]

Adventurous, confident, flexible, at times even clever, humans are dominant in Rivellon. They always play the hero in their own endless wars ... even when they´re the villains.

Racial Talents[]

1.      Early release:

  • Ingenious: +2 to Wits and +3 Critical Chance
  • Human Resolve:  +1 to Leadership

2.      Classic version:

  • Thrifty: +2 Initiative and 5% extra Critical Chance
  • Ingenious: +1 to Bartering

3.      Definitive Edition:

  • Thrifty: +1 to Bartering
  • Ingenious: +5% extra Critical Chance and 10% extra Critical Multiplier

Racial Ability[]

  • Encourage - this ability increases primary atributes of player's allies.

Origin Characters[]

Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga[]

  • In Divinity II Dragon Knight Saga player takes control of a dragon slayer initiate.


  • Humans are the only race which is playable in all games
  • Like other races. In Early Access of DOS2 their description has been in changed in official release. The original description was:
Adaptable, expansionist and superstitious, humans are the dominant race of Rivellon. Civil wars have ravaged their lands, but not their authority.
race description in Divinity Original Sin 2 early access



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