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One volume of Cranley Huwbert's extensive encyclopedia series.

Huwbert's Encyclopedia Vol. 35: The History of Braccus Rex is a book in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


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Can be purchased from Cranley Huwbert in Arx


*In this tome, Huwbert the historian assembles the bulk of what is still known to the larger world about the infamous Braccus Rex, and creates a lightly drawn portrait that feels somewhat incomplete – but also carries a ring of truth. Braccus was once a fine human being and a noble ruler. But his greed overtook him and he became corrupted. There is mention of Cassandra, a twin sister, to whom Braccus did unspeakable things – stealing her life force that he may live forever. Unfortunately, these crimes saw him arrested by Source Hunters, hanged until death, and his body thrown into a well. Rumours abound that this was not the end, but until Huwbert can confirm these outlandish tales – as exciting and dramatic as they are – he refuses to add them to his chronicle.*