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One volume of Cranley Huwbert's extensive encyclopedia series.

Huwbert's Encyclopedia Vol. 5: The Chaos War is a book in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


Can be purchased from Cranley Huwbert in Arx.


1233 AD: The Chaos War

*Widely acknowledged as one of Cranley Huwbert's finer pieces – at least according to the note on the flyleaf, which is written in his own handwriting – this is the great war as seen from a comfortable chair in a study in Arx. The great hero Lucian lulls the Black Ring into a false sense of superiority, and then destroys them all, sacrificing his own life in the act. His body returns home to Arx to great fanfare and grief. A single footnote mentions the unfortunate deaths of an unspecified number of elves.*