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Once, I was a crusader for the Divine Order. I pledged my life to Lucian the Divine. But the war changed everything. He sent me to save the elves I grew up amongst. I arrived too late. Lucian ordered the use of Deathfog against the Black Ring, annihilating everyone I once knew in the process. Now, I'm a mercenary killer, one of the infamous Lone Wolves. And my next target is none other than Lucian's own son...
Ifan ben-Mezd Divinity: Original Sin II

Ifan is a grizzly looking older human, and a member of the Lone Wolves, known as the Silver Claw. He is found arguing with some of Griff's goons at the entrance to Fort Joy ghetto in 1242 AD.


As a child, Ifan lived and travelled with his parents who were spice traders until a band of bandits killed them. Adopted by a nearby elven tribe after his parents murder, he lived with them until he became an adult, learning their language and customs.[1]

Leaving the elves as an adult, he joined the Divine Order and quickly gained an attention and favour of Lucian the Divine himself and they became friends; however, he had a constant distrust of the Divine's son, Alexandar whispering in his father ear. In 1233 AD Lucian sent Ifan with a rift scroll to evacuate the elves from the area before a deathfog bomb was released in their lands to prevent the encroachment of the Black Ring. Making his way to the elven lands, the Ring attacked Ifan, slowing his journey, but ultimately reaching his destination, the elves eliminate his remaining pursuers.

Initially met with suspicion by the elves, Ifan requests an audience with their Scions to discuss the evacuation. His elven connections earn him the trust of the community, but they suspect the intentions of his leader. however, accepting his word and agreeing to evacuate. Taking the rift scroll to check the incantation before arranging the evacuation, deathfog pours forth from the scroll, flooding the forest. Close to death, Ifan's wolf is summoned forth and extracts Ifan before he succumbed to its effects. In anger at the destruction of the elves he forsook the Divine Order and Lucian, preferring to "join the Black Ring over wearing the mark of the Divine Order again".[2]

After Lucians death he joined the Lone Wolves and spent most of his time hunting his targets and drinking in the Undertavern in Driftwood. One day when having a good time with a drudanae he thinks he is attacked by a tiger and uses his source to summon a wolf into the tavern. This resulted in his capture by magisters and put aboard the Merryweather, a Magister ship for carrying sourcerers, sailing to Fort Joy on Reapers' Eye. In unbeknownst to his captors, this would prime him for his next assignment: to assassinate the leader of the Divine Order, Bishop Alexandar.[3] In addition to his contract, Ifan is made aware that he has been chosen for a greater mission: Rhalic, presenting himself to the Lone Wolf explains that he has been chosen as the Godwoken for the human race and must ascend to the position on the Divine One to prevent the voidwoken from consuming the planet.

His first opportunity to strike the Bishop down is given at the north eastern dock on Reaper's Eye; attempting to escape the island with the seekers, Alexandar is awaiting at the dock with several Magisters. Although his target was rendered unconscious, Ifan was unable to complete the contract; interrupted firstly by a voidwoken deep-dweller in the midst of battle and finally Malady after the battle was over. Alexandar, taken captive, was secured on the Lady Vengeance, under Ifan's watchful eye. Unfortunately for Ifan, Alexandar was able to escape during Dallis' and Vredeman's assault on the ship, delaying the Lone Wolf's mission.

Continuing on his quest to become the Divine One, Ifan reaches Driftwood, a town on Reaper's Coast, encountering Meistr Siva, Ifan expands his ability to wield Source, travelling north westerly, Ifan encounters the lizard, Hannag, the creator of the deathfog bomb at Lucian's behest. Furthermore from the lizard he learned that the teleportation device he believed he was carrying was in fact a the bomb itself. Upon learning this fact, his anger refocused on his former leader, seeking revenge and redemption for this betrayal. Continuing onward to Nameless Isle, Ifan comes face to face with Alexandar, who confirmed that he too was aware of the plan, rationalising it as the only way to win the war and losing was not a viable option.

Eventually reaching Arx, Ifan descends into Lucian's crypt, discovering his former leader to still be alive. Confronting him, Ifan demands that he pay for the elven sacrifice. Attempting to reason with him, Lucian tells him that the using the bomb was a mistake, that all the sacrifices must have meaning and the void must be stopped. Even though he betrayed his subordinate, Lucian still sees him as a friend. Forgiving Lucian he gave up his source and after being restored by Malady, left into seclusion and helped the elves to regrow their forest.

By 1244 AD Ifan rejoins the Order. With the Commander and Lohse, they embark on a mission to capture Malady ,who stole magical weapons from Lucian.

Interactions with player character[]

Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant
  • Using Deathfog on Arx will make Ifan go hostile and leave the party, regardless of disposition

Related Quests[]

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Related Achievments[]

  • A Wolf Avenged - Kill Lucian
  • Fool Me Once - Forgive Lucian


  • In the Early Access of the game Ifan was a drudanae addict.
  • Ifan's background information in early access was:
No body escapes the Lone Wolves unscathed, and your freedom was won at a terrible cost. You swore you were done, but there is one last wrong you need to right.

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