Igor is one of the two necromancers available for the Dragon Knight to enlist for the Battle Tower. Igor would poison his master Jonelath, if the Dragon Knight persuades him to do so. Not only poisons are his forte, creatures under his ministrations gain increased magical defense.

Igor is loyal and happy to serve his draconic master. He takes his position as a servant seriously, even becoming alarmed when the Dragon Knight returned with the required artifacts to empower the necromancy circle, remarking "The master served the servant, no no, this must not happen again." His loyalty is further proven when he chose to stay in the Battle Tower while Damian's armada rampaged in the Orobas Fjords, even though he could have rejoined the force with greater powers. He is also proud of the Battle Tower's Necromancy Circle, saying it is one and only in Rivellon .


The quests Igor gives to you to upgrade the necromancy platform are:

  • Book of the Dead - In this quest you must enter Barnabus' cave (the Sinister Cavern), take the teleporter near the floor before the dragon skeleton, move down the hall, killing abominations as you do so, and you will find the Book of the Dead.
  • The Black Ring's Ring - In this quest, you must destroy Stone's Flying Fortress. First you must move forward, killing the Black Ring healer in front of you, to a small fort which is guarded by a level 26 demon warrior and a level 26 skeleton warrior. After killing these two, scout the tents to the right of the shield generator where you will find a chest with the Aleroth Archmage Ring, then destroy the shield generator, transform into a dragon, destroy everything you can, then go into another fort which has a teleporter in it, enter this portal, fight your way forwards then you just have to kill Xanlosch (level 27) and Isabelle but be careful, as Xanlosch can shoot arrows doing 500+ damage. Destroy the shield generator behind them. Go to the right to another fort, which leads you to Stone eventually, kill him, though when his health reaches critical he will run away to another portal leading to an arena where you must face four subbosses then defeat him once and for all.

Trivia Edit

  • Dr. Frankenstein, who was also a necromancer giving life to an inanimate body, had a hunchback assistant named Igor.