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I see. I serve well, a true servant. But he’s the master. He won’t serve well, no. To have him serve you would make me a bad servant. Yes, I see that now. But I’m a good servant, yes. I’ll serve him poison, yes. And once served, I’ll be the one to serve you: you, my master.

Igor is one of the two necromancers available for the Dragon Knight to enlist for the Battle Tower.


Igor is a necromancer who was raised by necromancer Barnabus who accepted him as his apprentice after he had poisoned everyone in his home village before he was 10 years old.

Under Barnabus Igor learnt about dark arts, torture and by his eleventh birthday he was able to raise the undead. He fled Barnabus to become Jonelath's pupil after he witnessed his power.

Igor would poison his master Jonelath, if the Dragon Knight persuades him to do so. Not only poisons are his forte, creatures under his ministrations gain increased magical defense.

Igor is loyal and happy to serve his draconic master. He takes his position as a servant seriously, even becoming alarmed when the Dragon Knight returned with the required artefacts to empower the necromancy circle, remarking "The master served the servant, no no, this must not happen again."

His loyalty is further proven when he chose to stay in the Battle Tower while Damian's armada rampaged in the Orobas Fjords, even though he could have rejoined the force with greater powers. He is also proud of the Battle Tower's Necromancy Circle, saying it is one and only in Rivellon.

Interactions with the player character[]


Mind reading[]

Master Jonelath always talks of weapon resistance, but what of magical resistance? It will be my speciality.
Reveals his specialization
You have gained new insights
Can only be done in the Battle Tower and will grant a Skill Point

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  • Igor may be a reference to the Mary Bish Shelley necromancer Dr. Frankenstein's servant, Igor.