Imp's Notebook is a book the player can find while exploring.


... and as the Champions reached the lower levels of the mine, led there by the screams of dying miners, they finally perceived, in the distance, the silhouettes of the poor workers' tormentors.

They were like nothing the well-trained soldiers had ever seen: like some sort of floating, bright ball...

"Beholders!" cried a man from behind the group.

All eyes turned to him, shooting menacing stares at the noisy fool. As the two beholders noticed the presence of new prey, they rushed at the small group of fighters and easily dispatched them.

When the last survivor was about to get killed, one of the monsters shouted to the other: 'Stop, Alutiiq! Let him live and tell everyone that this mine now belongs to Alutiit and Alutiiq, and that they must never set foot in here again'. As both beholders started to vanish in the ominous darkness of the cave again, the lone survivor saw his chance and aimed a poisoned arrow for the apparent leader of the duo. with an agonizing scream, Alutiit fell to the ground, muttering incredulous curses. Alutiiq darted towards the impudent human but, with luck on his side, the hero managed to find his way out and escape ...

– Imp's Notebook, Divinity II: Ego Draconis