Divinity 2 Imps Lair interior

Imps' Lair

The Imps' Lair, also known as Imp Cave, is a location in the Orobas Fjords. It is accessible via a trapdoor on a grassy ledge across the water (southeast) from Stone's Flying Fortress. A subject of the quest Grave Robbers named Arthur Gremory is being held captive within.

The cave contains a series of fire barriers. Each fire barrier will need to be destroyed by killing the leader of the group behind each barrier. At the end of the killing spree, you will find a key either in a loot bag or on a dead imp. Use the key to open the door, but save first, as you may be in for a surprise. The next room is full of fire, which is virtually everywhere. 


The location of the lair is detailed in the photos below.



Divinity 2 Imps Lair map