You can get this quest from the legendary item vendor, Hortun. To meet him, simply follow the southeast road in the Phantom Forest map.

Walkthrough Edit

  1. Speak to Hortun in front of Hunter's Edge. He will tell you about the ambush on the village by Mountain Warriors and some Orcs.
  2. Speak to Arhu at mills. He will advise you to get advantage of the feud between Orcs and Mountain Warriors in the village.
  3. When you try to go into the village, the Gate Guards will stop you with the following options:
    • Say that you have the Conduit's orders and they will let you pass, or...
    • Win the RPS game, and/or...
    • Fight and kill the guards.
  4. Enter the Hunter's Edge to finish the quest.

Rewards Edit

  • 4535 Quest XP
  • 4080 Exploration XP
  • 8160 Charisma XP and/or 15300 Combat XP
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