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I came back to the chapel to find Geoff in a state of panic. Romon had been with him only moments before and had suddenly vanished in a flash of light. Romon's notes are still on the altar.

Into Thin Air is a side quest issued by Geoff in Broken Valley Village's chapel in Divinity II: Ego Draconis. This quest will only be available if the scrying stone was not used to obtain Lovis' Loot.

Quick Walkthrough[]

Detailed Walkthrough[]

The priest Romon has disappeared into the scrying stone and you must find him. Geoff points to a manuscript Romon was working on. Pick up the manuscript and read it, revealing a password (Vault of Anguish).

Go to the Lake Shrine and nearby there is the door labelled "Lovis' Chambers", but is in fact the doorway to the Vault of Anguish. Speak the phrase learned from reading the document and enter. Inside are several abominations and near the back of the dungeon the remains of Romon.


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