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This quest is accepted from Louis in the Rivertown Barracks.

"I should enter a secret underground passage that can be found in the burned chapel down the valley. I can make my way to a hatch underneath Martis' cell and bust him out." -You can either :

  • Mindread Martis for 1050 exp and then return to Louis (For a default reward of 450 exp and 160 gold and one pick from 113 exp, 320 gold, or random items)
  • Or enter the secret passage south-west of the Chapel Shrine and break Martis out for the location and password to the camp. Then return to Louis for the same reward.
  • NOTE: If you hold this quest and enter the bandit's camp, additional quests are available, this quest can be turned in afterward.
  • NOTE : If you have raided the bandit place first before getting the quest to come to the bandit camp the chances are high you killed the guy needed to end the quest. Do this quest first before you raid the place or you will have this quest stuck in your quest log.

Busting out Martis will make him available as a merchant in the Bandit Camp. If you try to bust him out after mindreading him first, (don't tell Louis yet, go through chapel altar and the secret passage), Martis is already being saved by his fellow bandits Hilts and Scofield ("He's the escape artist"). Both will be lv 9 and Martis is lv 8. You get to choose between letting them go or killing them.