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You weren't there when the portal opened and the Deathfog poured in. You weren't there to see their skin burst, to see the blood-bubbles foam from their mouths. Have you ever felt your own saliva sizzle? Have you ever felt your own brain pressing from the inside of your skull? I have. I have felt it. That agony was the doing of the Divine. For his order to suffer the same fate is not punishment enough.

Isbeil is a dwarven agent of the God King in 1242 AD.


During her life, Isbeil was, according to town cryers, a scientist and a samaritan. One day she was invited to the court of Queen Justinia, who was interested in her and ultimately made her into her consort.

She died during the Chaos War in 1233 AD, when deathfog bomb was detonated. In death she was approached by the God King and made a promise, she never regretted. Alongside the promise she swore revenge against the Divine and his Order for the agony she experienced.

She advised queen Justinia and after Alexandar assembled the quorum she started to incite queen Justinia and persuade her that the Divine Order was coming for the dwarves. As part of her plan she conducted experiments with poisons and deathfog on Black Peak Isle laboratory, which due to unknown accident with Deathfog was destroyed, and earned her quite a reputation.

Isbeil had persuaded Justinia, to have Lohar hijack the Peacemaker and make it deliver its cargo, Deathfog, into Arx. While the fog was delivered there, Isbeil made her laboratory in the Arx's sewers where she conducted secret and brutal experiments on Sourcerers, who she had abducted from Magisters when they were figthing Paladins.

When Godwoken reached her and the queen Justinia in the sewers, she was exposed as an agent of the God King. In her defense she paralised both the Godwoken and the queen and imprisoned them in her laboratory.

She attempted to conduct an experiment on the Godwoken but was killed by them when they awoke from the paralisis.

Interactions with the player character[]

Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant
  • There are several persuasion options.
    • First option is during conversation with Justinia
      • This can be bypassed by knowing and saying she works for the Black Ring
      • The options avaliable are: Strength, Memory and Intelligence
    • Second option appears if Godwoken passed the first persuasion option.
      • The options are Strength, Intelligence (5 Persuasion), Wits (6 Persuasion)
      • Note: Passing Persuasion option will result in Isbeil casting a spell against her will
    • Third persuasion option appears in conversation with Isbeil's spirit.
      • The options are Constitution, Memory, Intelligence
    • Fourth option appears after passing 3rd persuasion option.
      • Options are Wits, Constitution, Strength
  • Killing Isbeil yields 74 925 exp and Godwoken can loot:
    • Isbeil's Research Journal
    • Intricate Key
    • Isbeil's Key
    • There is a chance for epic or legendary equipment as well as grenades, skillbooks and rune

Related quests[]

  • Deathfog Rising
  • Rise of the Dwarves
  • The Eternal Promise
  • The Missing Prisoners



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