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  • In your inventory you can find all the items you found, bought and gathered under different tabs: weapons and shields, armor pieces, jewelry, consumables, quest items and miscellaneous. When you select an item you can choose to equip yourself with it or to charm it, drop it, destroy it, or send it to the battle chest in the Battle Tower (only available when you have conquered the Battle Tower). Quest Items to not add to encumbrance.

Powerful items may be augmented by adding charms to them which can be discovered in the game world. Charming is a permanent and thus irreversible process, so think before you charm.

You can use the destroy function to clear out your (very limited) inventory, but be aware that doing so will obliterate the selected item and effectively remove it from the game. Should your inventory become cluttered and confusing, simply press the "sort" button to tidy it up.

Most equipable items require the player to fulfill several requirements. For example, to have at least a number of strength points, a minimum level...

Note: Until you have conquered the Battle Tower, the only ways to make room in your inventory for new items (and you'll need it very fast if you collect everything) are:

  • Destroying an item (and losing it forever)
  • Selling an item (and losing it forever, but you'll get some money)

That means that you can't drop an item or store it in a box in order to get it back later.

Types of Items[]



  • Helmets
  • Cuirasses
  • Bracers
  • Leggings





  • Scrolls
  • Magical arrows