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Jackson's Farm is a farm in Broken Valley.


Found south and west of Broken Valley Village, the farm is the only operating farm in the area, run by Carl Jackson and his wife Dana. In 1300 AR, the farm is being used by the Champions as a stockpile site for goods to be transported to Aleroth.


Coming over the bridge from the northeast of the river, there are 2 fields of grain growing outside the walls of the farm itself, passing through the fields and into the farm grounds, the main farm building is to the left and to the right is an outbuilding which Tarn and Lomax are sat outside, within the walls Lionel can be found pacing. Attached to the outbuilding is pen holding Folo's pigs. Immediately ahead of the entrance is a raised chicken coop and the farm owner, Carl Jackson is stood nearby, with his wife Dana Jackson toward the rear.

At the rear of the farm house is another outbuilding beyond this an exit in the southern corner; the northern corner of the south-eastern fence is also damaged, making another entry point on the eastern corner. At the western end of the farm there is no fence, but two defensive palisades. Passing out this exit, down the slope and following the bottom of the slope northward will lead to the entrance to Jackson dungeon.

The farmhouse has three entrances in the northwest, southwest and north eastern corners. Entering from the northwest leads into the living area, with the stove and bellows the front and the bed directly behind. To the right is the dining table and a shelf which has an oak tears upon it. Beyond the bed the rest of the house isn't used for occupancy, the centre of the floor is loose ground with two posts hanging from the rafters. Against the eastern wall in the northern corner is a small locked chest on the shelf containing gold, ginseng, ruby and potion of lesser revitalising, to which is hidden under the barrels against the northeast wall. Turning south and looking at the further ceiling beam, a key can be seen which opens the cellar in the south east corner.

In the cellar a chest on the immediate left requires 2 points in Lockpick to open. At the far end of the cellar is a table with a small box and Farmer Jackson's Diary. There is also a switch behind the loom on the rear rear wall (left hand side), which when activated will lower Jackson's Cleaver into the middle of the room.