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Jackson Dungeon marked on the map as Forgotten Outpost is a basement below Jackson's Farm. The entrance can be found down the western slope, close to the northern corner of the farm.


An extension of the farm that has long been forgotten, Carl Jackson has been down here in a drunken state since murdering Boothe.[1]


Upon entering the dungeon, move toward the far side of the passage; on the left a chest can be seen behind a damaged gate. Turn 180° anti clockwise and a second passage can be seen. Follow the passage and deal with the three level 4 lesser skeletons. Toward the end of this passage, the room expands into a storage passage. On the table directly in front is a key. Turn left at the table and walk past the shelving to find an Oak Tears growing against the backwall. Turn left again and walk to the backwall, at the bottom of the wall is a pressure plate which withdraws the false wall.

Once past the wall the All but Illegible Scribble can be found at the foot of the ransacked cupboards on the right. Just past the cupboards are two locked chests on each side of the passage; the one of the right requires a point in Lockpick and the one of the left requires 2 points. At the end of the room is the golden chest, which is opened by the key found on the table.



  1. All but Illegible Scribble is written in Booth's name, but was written posthumously