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Janus Ferol is the 12-year-old duke of Ferol and the antagonist of Divine Divinity.


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After his father's death, ostensibly of a heart attack, Janus Ferol became the duke of Ferol despite being only 12 years old. According to some of his subjects, his rule had been surprisingly stable despite his age, mostly credited to his advisor.

Some time before the start of Divine Divinity, he began declaring himself the Divine One, and recruits a local Hero as his Lord Protector. During their time as Lord Protector, Janus has the Hero carry out meaningless tasks, like finding his cat and delivering letters to his concubine Lela. He only calls upon them for real work during a meeting with several aristocrats and merchants, apparently to reinforce his status is Divine One. After being attacked by Orc assassins during the meeting, Janus has the Hero thrown out of Stormfist Castle.

Over the course of the game, Lucian and Zandalor discover that Janus had his father assassinated. When he was younger, Janus touched the Sword of Lies, a vessel made to imprison the Demon of Lies. This released the demon, who destroyed Janus' soul and engineered his rise to power to spread chaos. After a ritual to turn the Hero into the actual Divine One, Janus arrives at the Council of Seven and kills all but two of them, revealing his true demonic form to the few survivors.

The Hero arrives back in Rivellon two months later, while the Demon of Lies (who has dropped his Janus disguise entirely) is preparing to resurrect his god, the Chaos Demon, through a human baby. The Hero, now the Divine One, fights his way through the Demon's forces and kills him, although too late to prevent the baby from becoming the Chaos God's vessel.

Related quests[]

  • An appointment with the new ruler of Ferol
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