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For the guard at Broken Valley Village, see Joris.
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Joris is one of the three Marked Ones who is being sought by Zandalor in 1218 AD.


A warrior by career, he becomes imprisoned below Stormfist Castle due to him being a Marked One. Despite Zandalor's attempt to rescue him, which extended as far as reaching the warrior and attempting to escape together, the two were backed into a dead end by Ryu-Gor and his orc squad.

Refusing to run from a fight, Joris stands his ground with the intention of buying Zandalor time (despite Zandalor stating his intention to do the reverse, due to Joris being too valuable). Ultimately this costs the Marked One his life, dying in defence of Zandalor.

Related quests[]

  • Rescue Zandalor

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