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Journal is a note in Divine Divinity.


In the Aleroth Catacombs on the third level.


(This seems to be some sort of journal)

I here begin my researches into this lowest section of the catacombs. So far I have found no evidence of an entrance to a lower level, but my intuition tells me there is one.

My research has shown that the two central tombs lead to a secret, lower part of the catacombs. I cannot open them though: if I did so, hordes of skeletons would rise from their graves. I know the stench of an Ulthring's Undead Ambush spell when I smell it.

I have found that opening all four outer tombs unlocks the two centre tombs. However, as noted above, upon opening these tombs hordes of skeletons will rise to slay the one that awakened them. I shall leave this journal here as a warning to others who dare to enter these parts of the catacombs. The further I proceed in this forsaken place, the more evil I sense is further on. I must find out what is down there!