Divinity 2 Kali's Flying Fortress

Kali's Flying Fortress

Kali's Flying Fortress is located in Rivertown Gorge, just south of the Orobas Fjords. The area was essentially destroyed by Damian's forces, so her fortress is all there is. The enemies you face here are mostly level 29 with Kali, the leader, being level 30. The airborne enemies (Gas Floaters and Damian Dragons) range from level 26-28. There are some herbs scattered throughout the fortress, as well as a handful of chests (see map below).

On the large northern platform, not far from the entrance, there is a teleporter to the fortress' small storage area (#4 on the map below). There are only a few enemies inside, and a chest containing both Hunter Earrings from the Hunter armor set and a Plate Dragon Helmet. Outside the storage area, on a lower level of the same platform, a chest (#3 on the map) contains the Scorpion Ring, part of the Scorpion armor set.

On the southern large platform you'll find the teleporter to the fortress' headquarters (#5 on the map). Once inside, pull the levers at the end of the hallways to the east and west to open doors further along. Proceed to the southeast corner to obtain a key needed to open the door to Kali's chamber (the chest here contains random loot as well as the key).

Divinity 2 Kali's Flying Fortress headquarters interior

Headquarters interior

Inside her chamber, a conversation with Kali automatically begins. Be sure to mindread her if you'd like to obtain Ulthring's Helmet of the Ulthring armor set following her death. When killed, she drops The Demon Wars (a special skill book and quest item for By the Book that rewards 3 skill points). She also drops a Folded Letter from Damian and a powerful sword called Myrthos (quest item for Murder for Myrthos), along with random loot. You can also pick up a copy of A History of the Damned One, Part VI in her chamber.


Enemies & DefensesEdit



  • Ballista Towers
  • Damian Dragon Fighters
  • Gas Floater Mercenaries
  • Lightning Towers
  • Nest Towers
  • Wizard Towers



Location of Kali's Flying Fortress (labelled "Kali", far south):
Divinity 2 Champion Harbour location map

Kali's Flying Fortress map:
Divinity 2 Kali's Flying Fortress map

Kali's Flying Fortress storage map:
Divinity 2 Kali's Flying Fortress storage map

Kali's Flying Fortress headquarters map:
Divinity 2 Kali's Flying Fortress headquarters map