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He is coming. He will triumph. Death awaits all who oppose him.
Kalin's last words to Lucian

Kalin is a character in Child of the Chaos novella.


Kalin is a necromancer who was executed by Lucian between 1231 and 1233 AD. Before his downfall he was a proud man who with his daughter Ygerna studied magic and alchemy. At some point during his life Kalin joined Black Ring who eventually corrupted him and was forced to do experiments on children.

It was during conducting his experiments that he was caught by Divine Order paladins and tortured for information about other members whereabouts. During his time in captivity he had bitten of his tongue so that he would not be able to speak even if he wanted to. Later he was brought to paladin's court for execution but instead of being beheaded he ended his life by impaling himself on Lucian's blade.

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