Divinity 2 Keara


Keara is a Black Ring General and servant of Damian who resides at Keara's Flying Fortress Headquarters in the Orobas Fjords. When her husband Velanir was killed by a demon, she attempted to resurrect him and failed. Eventually she went mad and reanimated his skeleton, who she continues to have a relationship with (see Forgotten Piece of Paper). In the words of Velanir's ghost: "She has persuaded herself I really am that mute heap of bones: she talks to it, caresses it and I don't want to know what else."


Mindreading her during your first encounter reveals: "Little does the Dragon know all the statues lie! Hahaha!"

Mindreading her during your second encounter reveals: "Oh, Vanelir... How I miss you... I remember our walks in the woods, and the time that insolent youth threw me a kiss. You tore him apart with your bare hands and offered me his head... So romantic..."