Kelton skeleton (D2 FoV character)

Kelton, the skeleton

Kelton is a character in Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance who is the victim of a rare condition. Every time he falls asleep, he dreams of being eaten by a demon and awakes with less flesh than before. The Aleroth Healers' Guild has tried everything they can: herbs, potions, magic, and even healing orbs from the Source. Dumbfounded by the unknown cause of his condition and fearful that it may be contagious, they have placed him in quarantine in the basement of the Healers' House in the Great Market district of Aleroth.

The basement is guarded by a magical door which cannot be lockpicked. In order to enter you need to speak to Peter near the elevator in Mardaneus Plaza and obtain the quest First Aid. He needs something from the basement and provides you with the password ("honeysuckle"), allowing you to meet Kelton.

When you find him at the Healer's House, he has already been completely stripped of flesh to the point of being a skeleton. With only bones remaining, he hasn't slept for two days, terrified that falling asleep again will be the death of him. If you claim to be a healer and refuse to help him, Kelton takes the opportunity to run away from the quarantine area now that the door is open.

If you choose to help him, Kelton can be returned to his normal human self.


Something Rotten – Desperate, and frustrated by the guild's inability to help him, Kelton asks you to investigate the matter and save his life. After ruling out an accidental curse or a malicious act by any enemies, possession by a demon seems more likely than a medical illness. Without any other clues, a recent encounter with Halliwell at the Phoenix Inn is the only lead to act on, so go see Ricky the bartender to discuss it.


Kelton human (D2 FoV character)

Kelton, the man

Prior to facing the demon:

  • Kelton can be mindread for 7500 exp. If there was any doubt left as to the cause of his condition, it is eliminated with: "{Demon} Get out of his head, meatling. This soul is fine to feast on!"

After fighting the demon:

  • If you drank the demon's blood (7500 exp): "{Behrlihn} What a beautiful piece of devilry this is! I applaud you Abraxas ... once more."
  • If you did not drink the demon's blood (7500 exp): "All has returned! Off to Madame Eve's!"