Kenneth is one of the two people on Sentinel Island you have to choose from to be the Skill Trainer of your Battle Tower. He is a Dragon slayer, and in a conversation, he reveals that he is the trainer of Commander Rhode.

His specialty is Ranged Training.

The quests that he gives to upgrade the Skill Training Arena are:

  1. Apprentice and Adversary
  2. By the Book


  • After you speak with Kenneth about becoming your Skill Trainer he suggests to fight the other trainer (Hermosa) and then runs off. When he meets her and sees that she is a woman he has second thoughts. During this point if you plan on picking Kenneth as your trainer, you have to stop him from fighting her. If he does, he will lose and die.
  • A short note written by Kenneth explains the tension between Saul and Tilian that leads to a quest he assigns, Apprentice and Adversary.