Kevin a pig is that belongs to the farmer Folo in Broken Valley Village. However, he can be found at Jackson's Farm in a fenced area.

Folo offers the side quest Saving the Bacon, requesting Kevin's safe return. He will provide the aspiring Dragon Knight the *password* which is Rosebud. This alone will suffice in seeing Kevin and his fellow hogs trotting their way back home to Folo.

Divinity II: Flames of VengeanceEdit

Kevin made it Aleroth with his master. Apparently Folo cared for Kevin more than his own wife, as she suspected all along. They can be found in Room 101 of Madame Eve's, a brothel on Lanilor Lane. The owner is unsure why they are there, or what exactly transpired in the room. However, Folo has been found dead, and Kevin can be mindread for a clue during the quest Murders in the Rue Lanilor.


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