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Keys Master List[]

Item Name Where to get Location it opens
Buddy's Key Buddy or dig up a mound opposite the pool of water you find Buddy at Houndmaster's room.
Captain Trippel's Key Captain Trippel The Castle door leading to Fort Joy Harbour.
Elaborate Cage Key Houndmaster's room. Opens nearby cage.
Harbour Key Magister Knight in Fort Joy Harbour Opens nearby chest.
Large Divine Order Key Magisters Opens the large gate in-front of the fort
Lockpicks Varying None specifically
Magister's Key (Dark Brown Key) Same fight as Large Divine Order Key Chest in Orivand's Chambers
Magister's Key (Golden Key) Magister Yarrow Door behind Mona's hut
Meat Golem Cage Key Kniles the Flenser Meat golem's cages in Playground
Prison Key Prison. On the floor. In guards room. Opens the prison cell.