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The King Crab Inn is a building in Cyseal.


The King Crab Inn is the sole inn within Cyseal. Its backroom is the scene of Jake's murder.


Ground Floor[]

Upon approaching the entrance for the first time, Mendius of the Fabulous Five will be outside. Stepping through the doorway opens into the main bar, on the wall directly opposite the door are two booths separated by a fireplace. The righthand booth is occupied by the Duke of Ferol, the left booth is vacant, however, the cat Unsinkable Sam can be found by the fireplace.

Turning to the northwest section of the bar there is another booth before the physical bar, this is occupied by the Fabulous Five members Alistair and Anna. Moving to the bar itself, Novak the fourth member of the Fabulous Five is propping it up; Yvad Tavernier is behind the bar serving the clientele. The Source Hunter Madora can be found pacing from the bar to the Duke of Ferol. Beyond the bar in the southern corner is a room occupied by the Immaculate Francis. Heading east from the bar there is another room guarded by a legionnaire before the stairs; here is where Councillor Jake was murdered. Opposite the stairs in the north corner is the hatch to the inn's cellar.

First Floor[]

Upon climbing the stairs to the first floor there is a long corridor with four rooms coming off it. The first room on the south west wall is locked and requires a skilled locksmith to pick the lock. Within it is an unlocked chest. In the next room (south east corner) the merchant Sereth who specialises in Scoundrel and Witchcraft skillbooks and her bodyguard can be found. The next room is rented by the elf Eglandaer. The final room appears to be a shared bathroom with several wash tubs and folded clothes. On the wall opposite is another room with an array of beds and mattresses along with five chests.


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