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My Dragon master! Let me bid you a fond welcome! I am Kirill, the famous composer. What would you like me to play for you?

Kirill is a human bard serving at Battle Tower in 1300 AD.


Kirill is a bard that had been at one point in past captured by Laiken. He was spared because Laiken had a weakness for music and dance. When the Knight conquers the Battle Tower he can be found next to the throne in Throne Room.

Interactions with the Player Character[]


The Knight can ask the bard for several songs, each song will replace the ambient theme of the Throne room known as "A Sense of Menace" for the one requested. The Knight can ask him to play:

  • "A happy ditty" - In the King's Garden
  • "A calm tune" - Sunflower
  • "Something... ominous" - Damian Attacks
  • "A romantic piece" - A New Dawn
  • "Rambler from Slavs"

It is not possible to leave the conversation without requesting a song.


I’ll write a requiem for Laiken… which will probably be the most cheerful piece I’ve ever written.


  • Kirill is the first name of the game's composer, the late Kirill Pokrovsky.