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Requires Pet Pal.

Kitty Love is a quest obtained from the cat, Unsinkable Sam, who can be found in the King Crab Tavern in Cyseal. One of your characters will require the Pet Pal Talent to receive the quest. Sam asks for assistance in finding out why a neighboring cat in Mayor Cecil's Office, Maxine, is uninterested in him.


Source Nightmare

  1. Speak to Unsinkable Sam in the King Crab Tavern to obtain the quest.
  2. Speak to Maxine in Mayor Cecil's Office about Unsinkable Sam. (90xp)
  3. Return to speak to Sam. (90xp)

Sam will ask you to find his lost collar for him. The quest will continue after you have defeated Pontius in Crabs Versus Skeletons/ Into the Dark.

  1. Take the Ominous Black Gate Key from Pontius' body to open the locked door south of the area where you witnessed the orcs fighting skeletons.
  2. Continue along the linear path and defeat the Source Nightmare, who will drop Sam's Collar and update the quest (840 XP).
  3. Return to the Inn and tell Sam you found his collar to complete the quest.
  4. Follow Sam to the Mayor's Office and wait for the dialogue to end. Initiate an inter character dialog for +1 Pragmatic or +1 Romantic.


  • 1260 XP for killing Source Nightmare
  • 1400 XP
  • +1 Romantic or +1 Pragmatic

Journal Entries[]

(After speaking to Sam about Maxine) We have been asked by Unsinkable Sam, the tavern tomcat, to investigate why the cat of his dreams, Maxine, isn't interested in him.

(After speaking to Maxine) We learned from Maxine that she doesn't want to spend her lives with a cat who may not be able to provide for her kittens.

(After speaking to Sam about the collar) Sam told us that he used to wear a fancy collar. If we could find it, Maxine might be convinced.