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Klaud is part of the Seeker contingent on Reapers' Eye attempting to free Verdas in 1242 AD.


Wounded, when Dallis attacked their original camp. Simone is attempting to heal his deadly wounds. After being treated by the Godwoken, Klaus is willing and able to fight by their and the Seekers side again; breaking through Alexandar and his ranks plus a Voidwoken Deep-Dweller to size control of the Lady Vengeance.

After setting off from Reaper's Eye Klaus ultimately loses his life in the battle at sea with Dallis and Vredeman.

Interactions with the player character[]

Companion Quest
Spirit Merchant

Related quests[]

  • Healing Touch - Klaus is one of the three Seekers who must be healed.
  • The Escape - Klaus can assist with the battle at the north east harbour on Reaper's Eye after requesting additional support from Gareth.