Kniles works for the Magisters as a great many things, researcher, torturer, interrogator and a sick twisted "scholar". You'll find him in The Flenser's Playground on the second floor of fort joy.

He has an uncontrollable obsession with blood, killing, dissecting people and other grisly acts. When you first meet him he'll teleport to your group and proceed to violate your personal space heavily and in a most disgusting manner.

After you speak to him a fight will begin.

Once defeated Kniles will drop Abstinence and Chastity, a matching set of daggers. He'll also drop a key that allows you to escape the fort via the drainage on the edge of his area. Kniles can also drop the Face Ripper, or be traded for with Atusa's leg.

Worth 1,600 Experience

Abilities Edit

  • Backlash
  • Crippling Blow
  • Mosquito Swarm
  • Bloodsucker