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Ho, human! Friend or foe?

Krasnegar is a dwarven courier in 1218 AD.


He is a dwarf, heading to Glenborus to deliver something to mayor Dunatrim.

Interactions with player[]

When asked further about this special item he is delivering and offering help, he says that

the teleporter scroll of the dwarves must stay in our hands...

If Lucian says he has had bad luck lately, Krasnegar replies he found a good amount of gemstones. He then offers one of the gems to Lucian.

  • If Lucian accepts the gift, Lucian gets gem+4500 xp.
  • Forcibly taking all gems grants 4500 xp, but costs 3 reputation. Also Krasnegar leaves Dwarven Bread Inn.
  • Not taking gift rewards 4500 xp and +3 reputation. Also Krasnegar leaves the Inn.

Related quests[]

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